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How do QR Code Payments work and its benefits?

With an easy-to-use application, iCANPAY HERE is the perfect way to expand your business to the internet and begin accepting payments with ease. Fast transaction, secured, and much safer. Merchants can spend more time focusing on providing the best experience to their customers. The result will be increased profits and, more importantly, satisfied customers. Wether you are a small medium or large business enterprise with limited technical knowledge. This is for you!

Become CANBNKs strategic partner and provide your
customers with banking services.

The bank agents will have the opportunity to earn more income whenever they work transactions for CANBNK bank. Furthermore, the increased foot traffic that is created by customers conducting banking activities will also translate into more people discovering your business and hence increasing sales. With ICANBank Here, you can transfer funds, make bills payments, load prepaid cards, cash in and withdraw cash.

We cater businesses with high transaction frequency

iCANBank HERE Merchant Agents are bundled with this device. In order to take advantage of the most recent and newest CANBANK POS device, more merchants are requesting them more than ever before. Features a high-speed thermal printer as well as debit and credit card capabilites

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