Mobile App Loan Agreement




I/We hereby confirm that all information and supported documents provided herein are true, accurate and complete and I/we agree to notify the bank of any changes in any of the information supplied. The bank can withdraw or cancel any loan approval if any information and supporting documents are found to be inaccurate. I/We authorize the bank to obtain relevant information as it may require concerning this application. I/We hereby agree that this application shall be subject to applicable law (BSP circulars, rules and regulations and policies of Cantilan Bank Inc.


In compliance with the requirements of the Data Privacy Act (DPA), I/We hereby authorize and give my/our consent to Cantilan Bank Inc. on the general use and sharing of information obtained in the course of any transactions pursuant to my banking relationship with it. Personal information and sensitive personal information may be collected, processed, stored, updated, or disclosed by the bank:

  1. For legitimate bank-related purposes;
  2. To implement transactions which the borrower requests, allows, or authorizes; and

C.To comply with the bank’s internal policies and its reporting obligations to government        authorities under applicable laws.

I / We confirm that I/we am/aware that, in case of unlawful acquisition, inaccuracy, and      error, I/we have the right to access, update dispute, block, or correct certain personal information, or withdraw my/our consent to the use of any information provided herein, subject to the rights and limitations under DPA.

I / We understand that this consent shall continue to be in effect for 5 years or until expiration of the records      retention limits set by applicable banking laws, whichever comes later.

I/We further warrant that, prior to submitting to the bank any information (including personal       information) of an individual; I/we have obtained all necessary authorizations and consents as may be required by applicable confidentiality and data privacy laws or agreement to enable the bank to process such information.

I / We understand that I/we wish to access, update, dispute, block, or correct certain   information, or withdraw consent to the use of any of the information provided herein, subject to the right and limitations under the DPA, I/We may communicate with the Cantilan Bank Inc. Data Protection Officer at, and may lodge complaints with, and/or seek assistance from the National Privacy Commission.

I / We have read understand and consent to be bound by all the terms and conditions stated above.