Salary Loan

Teachers, CANBNK cares! We appreciate your commitment to the next generation and are proud to offer you a competitive loan with the most attractive interest rates and flexible terms available in the market today. We also understand the different financial needs and requirements of teachers, schools, and other educational institutions. We have special loan offers for you! Check out the details today on our website! 

A loan product intended for regular government-paid employees.
Loanable amount :

From Php10,000 to Php125,000 (for regular Borrower)
From 10,000 to Php200,000 (for Meritorious cases)
From 10,000 to Php400,000 (for Restructured Account) 

Loan Term: 5years
Eligibility Criteria:

    • Regular/Permanent DepEd teachers and administration staff;
    • 21 to 57 years old;
    • Permanent resident of the place CANBNK is operating


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