Pension Loan

The Pension Loan is designed to offer an affordable and readily available credit facility to eligible pensioners for personal needs that includes medical expenses, tuition fees for children’s education, funeral costs, home renovation, vehicle repair costs and others.  A great opportunity to quickly obtain the credit required to help them meet their financial needs. Send us a messagre to learn more about our affordable pension plans.

A credit facility intended for eligible pensioners. A borrower can take a loan of up to 80% of his monthly net pension pay.

Loanable Amount: P10,000 – P250,000
Loan Term: 12 to 36 months

Eligibility Criteria:

    • 40 to 66 years old with maximum term of 3 years.
    • 67 to 68 years old with maximum term of 2 years.
    • 69 to 80 years old with maximum term of 1 year.
    • Must be a legitimate regular/permanent pensioners of GSIS, SSS, PVAO, or AFP;
    • Pensioners whose pension remittances arrived within CANBNK Branch servicing area of coverage in either ATM card or auto credit to the savings account;
    • Considerably still in good health;
    • Permanent resident of the place CANBNK is operating

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