Loan Products

Agriculture Loans

Agricultural Loan

We know how difficult it can be to find the right financing for your business needs.
Agrivalue chain Loans

Agri Value Chain

Are you a farmer or a fisherman? Get funds for your agribusiness today! Planning to expand your agribusiness but don’t have the funds?
Micro Finance Loans

Microfinance Loans

A loan for every dream.
Pension Loans

Pension Loan

Fund your retirement affordably the right way.
Home Financing Loans

Home Financing Loan

Open the door to home ownership with CANBNK’s Small Home Loan.
Barangay Loans

Barangay Honorarium Loan

To follow ang details
Salary Loans

Salary Loan

We care for our teachers.
back to back Loans

Back to Back Loan

Emergency Loan Quickly Approved!
Salary Loans

Bonus Loan

Reward your employees with a bonus pay
back to back Loans

Wash Loan

Water for all!

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